Over the last 17 years of working for agencies, subcontracting, in-house marketing, etc, I have provided print and/or web services for a wide variety of companies and organizations. Here are a few companies that I am either currently working with or have worked with in the past. (Some of these clients I've worked with directly and others through subcontract or agency).

Young Concepts, LLC
Artemis Outdoors, Inc.
Bartlett Cocke General Contractors
M&M Contracting, LTD
Jamail & Smith Construction
Raba Kistner Consultants
Pape Dawson Engineers
Total Industrial Services
Upstream Engineering, LLC
ARKK Engineers
Meridian Equipment, Inc.
Parrish and Company
American Drag Seats
Ameritrek RV Rentals
Spring Branch RV Resort
Holt Helicopters
HeloTech Aviation
Grey Forest Utilities
Kevin Hamby Designs
Concept Homes of San Antonio
Selva de Aluxes - Custom Homes
Social Graces
Sound Pillow

St. Mary's University
Texas State University at San Marcos
Curtis Whitetails
Double Wide Whitetails
Texas M3 Ranch
T3 Whitetails
Texas Mountain Ranch
Nooner Whitetails
Winn Whitetails / Tortuga Ranch
Venado Creek Ranch
W7 Whitetails
The Non-Typical Ranch
Buxton Ranch
Waring Whitetails
Kinsel Outfitters / Kinsel Whitetails
Mossy Rock Whitetails
Triple JJJ Ranch
Tipps 5T Ranch
Jensen Whitetails
WB Whitetails
M&S Ranch
Pouge Whitetails
06 Whitetails
Dry Creek Whitetails
Poverty Canyon Whitetails
Limitless Genetics
MVP Whitetails
J4 Fencing & Services
Enable USA
Southern Veterinary Services

Evans, Rowe & Holbrook

RMO Law Firm
Lish Law Firm

Schmoyer Reinhard, LLP
Langley & Banack
IRWA Chapter 39
Turcotte Real Estate Services
Direct Avionics & Consulting

ORBIS Staffing Solutions
F.A. McComas Painting

Grady's BBQ
Sweetie Pies Artisan Edibles

San Antonio Restaurant Association
Gourmet Burger Grill
Timber Tech
Kahanek Printing, Inc.
Sunset Station
Edwards Aquifer Authority
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Department of Health & Human Services
Used Cars Buyers


Hopkins Design does a lot of creative marketing for the Texas deer industry. This work is done thru Artemis Outdoors, Inc. If you would like information about deer industry marketing please visit www.artemisoutdoors.com or email for more information.

EARL HOPKINS / OWNER AND DESIGNER / SAN ANTONIO, TX / (210) 317-3767 / earl@hopkins-design.com

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